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I'm a Web Designer, eCommerce Business Developer based in Habiganj. I specialize in creating e-commerce business websites for great individuals and small-medium sized businesses, helping them to market their products or services successfully on the web. Interested in working together? Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

Move Currency Switcher from Footer to Top – Brooklyn Theme

Find this link of code:

<input type="hidden" name="currency_code" id="CurrencySelector" value="{{ form.current_currency.iso_code }}" data-disclosure-input/>

Paste this code:

<li class="site-nav__item site-nav__item--compressed">
                  {%- form 'localization', class: selectors_form_class -%}
                    {%- if locale_selector -%}
                      <div class="selectors-form__item">
                        <h2 class="visually-hidden" id="lang-heading">
                          {{ 'general.language.dropdown_label' | t }}

                        <div class="disclosure" data-disclosure-locale>
                          <button type="button" class="disclosure__toggle" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="lang-list" aria-describedby="lang-heading" data-disclosure-toggle>
                            {{ form.current_locale.endonym_name }}
                          <ul id="lang-list" class="disclosure-list" data-disclosure-list>
                            {%- for locale in form.available_locales -%}
                              <li class="disclosure-list__item {% if locale.iso_code == form.current_locale.iso_code %}disclosure-list__item--current{% endif %}">
                                <a class="disclosure-list__option" href="#" lang="{{ locale.iso_code }}" {% if locale.iso_code == form.current_locale.iso_code %}aria-current="true"{% endif %} data-value="{{ locale.iso_code }}" data-disclosure-option>
                                  {{ locale.endonym_name }}
                            {%- endfor -%}
                          <input type="hidden" name="locale_code" id="LocaleSelector" value="{{ form.current_locale.iso_code }}" data-disclosure-input/>
                    {%- endif -%}
        				<div class="doubly-wrapper custom-xvert"></div>  
                    {%- if currency_selector -%}
                      <div class="selectors-form__item">
                        <h2 class="visually-hidden" id="currency-heading">
                          {{ 'general.currency.dropdown_label' | t }}

                        <div class="disclosure" data-disclosure-currency>
                          <button type="button" class="disclosure__toggle" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="currency-list" aria-describedby="currency-heading" data-disclosure-toggle>
                            {{ form.current_currency.iso_code }} {%- if form.current_currency.symbol -%}{{ form.current_currency.symbol }}{%- endif -%}
                          <ul id="currency-list" class="disclosure-list" data-disclosure-list>
                            {%- for currency in form.available_currencies -%}
                              <li class="disclosure-list__item {% if currency.iso_code == form.current_currency.iso_code %}disclosure-list__item--current{% endif %}">
                                <a class="disclosure-list__option" href="#" {% if currency.iso_code == form.current_currency.iso_code %}aria-current="true"{% endif %} data-value="{{ currency.iso_code }}" data-disclosure-option>
                                  {{ currency.iso_code }} {%- if currency.symbol -%}{{ currency.symbol }}{%- endif -%}
                            {%- endfor -%}
                          <input type="hidden" name="currency_code" id="CurrencySelector" value="{{ form.current_currency.iso_code }}" data-disclosure-input/>
                    {%- endif -%}
                  {%- endform -%}

How to Change Background Header Color of Shopify

.site-header__mobile-nav, {
    background-color: #ffb700;
    border-bottom: 0;

#ChangeBackground #HeaderColor #DebutTheme

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Great to see you are looking to customize your debut theme, so let’s see How to Change the Background Header Color of the Shopify Debut Theme?

The easiest way to do this might be to add some CSS to your stylesheet. You can find the stylesheet within the Edit HTML section in the Assets folder and you’re looking for a file called theme.css.liquid and you will be adding the below changes to the very bottom of this file. It’s very important not to change any code in the middle of the file as the cssfile cannot be rolled back, so if there’s a problem with new code it is easy to find it at the bottom. You could add this code to the bottom of your theme.css.liquid file:

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Yoast SEO launched Yoast App on Shopify | Shopify SEO Easier than Ever

Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization plug-in for WordPress. It has five million-plus active installations and has been downloaded more than 350 million times. Since 2008 Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines.

Why is Yoast SEO so popular?

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that helps your site perform better in search engines like Google, Yahoo. It also gives you the tools to bring your content to the highest standards of SEO and overall readability. With Yoast SEO any user can do better SEO for their website with little knowledge.

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store.

What is Shopify used for?

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. The subscription-based software allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Shopify store owners can also sell in physical locations using Shopify POS, our point-of-sale app and accompanying hardware.

Though Yoast SEO is so popular for website SEO. It’s only available for WordPress-based websites. So It’s was a sad matter for Shopify users.

If you search on Google * Yoast SEO Shopify * You will find a most asked question in the People also ask section Does Yoast SEO work with Shopify? and the simple answer is Yoast SEO is not integrated with Shopify or Does not ready as Yoast SEO app for Shopify till 2021.

The big news for Shopify Users. Yoast SEO launched Yoast App on Shopify.

Yoast SEO will be available for Shopify on January 18, 2022, the company announced Tuesday. Unlike the WordPress version of the app, which operates under a freemium model, Yoast SEO for Shopify will cost $29 per 30 days.

On the official website, Yoast company say that :

For over 10 years, Yoast SEO has helped WordPress users all around the world with their SEO. And we’re quite proud to say that with more than 12 million active users, it’s one of the most popular SEO plugins in the WordPress community. We’re not going anywhere, our WordPress plugins will remain one of our main focuses. But we are bringing Yoast SEO to another platform: Shopify! Just like our Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, this Shopify app will help users work on their own SEO and create pages that both people and search engines will love. And to properly launch our newest product, we’re hosting a Shopify event!

So thank you for your time to read my articles and in the next article, I will share how to use Yoast SEO app on the Shopify website. Also, you get video guidelines on my YouTube channel.

For any Shopify Support or work contact with me

How to fix ✅ ‘Set-ExecutionPolicy’ is not recognized

Execution policies like a condition. A condition needs to be met to execute certain configurations or scripts. If not, the configuration or script will not run as expected.

ExecutionPolicys are not a security measure.

Execution policy can block certain configuration files or scripts from running

In fact, they can be easily bypassed. In Microsoft words, execution policies are just basic rules. These rules prevent you from unintentionally violating the policies.

In this article, I am going to show you ” ‘Set-ExecutionPolicy’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file while installing chocolaty

Change Execution Policy in PowerShell

With PowerShell, you must ensure Get-ExecutionPolicy is not Restricted. We suggest using Bypass to bypass the policy to get things installed or AllSigned for quite a bit more security.

  • Run Get-ExecutionPolicy. If it returns Restricted, then run Set-ExecutionPolicy AllSigned or Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process.

Create Animated Sticky Header After Some Scrolling in Shopify

Step 1: Open theme.liquid file and add below code before </head>

{{ 'float-panel.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

Step 2 : Add below code in header

 <div class="float-panel" data-top="0" data-scroll="500">

Step 3: Open the Assets folder and create a new file name float-panel.js and paste the below code in this file

var floatPanel = new McFloatPanel();
/* Float Panel v2016.10.28. Copyright */
function McFloatPanel(){var i=[],s=[],h="className",t="getElementsByClassName",d="length",l="display",C="transition",m="style",B="height",c="scrollTop",k="offsetHeight",a="fixed",e=document,b=document.documentElement,j=function(a,c,b){if(a.addEventListener)a.addEventListener(c,b,false);else a.attachEvent&&a.attachEvent("on"+c,b)},o=function(c,d){if(typeof getComputedStyle!="undefined")var b=getComputedStyle(c,null);else b=c.currentStyle;return b?b[d]:a},L=function(){var a=e.body;return Math.max(a.scrollHeight,a[k],b.clientHeight,b.scrollHeight,b[k])},O=function(a,c){var b=a[d];while(b--)if(a[b]===c)return true;return false},g=function(b,a){return O(b[h].split(" "),a)},q=function(a,b){if(!g(a,b))if(!a[h])a[h]=b;else a[h]+=" "+b},p=function(a,f){if(a[h]&&g(a,f)){for(var e="",c=a[h].split(" "),b=0,i=c[d];b<i;b++)if(c[b]!==f)e+=c[b]+" ";a[h]=e.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"")}},n=function(){return window.pageYOffset||b[c]},z=function(a){return a.getBoundingClientRect().top},F=function(b){var c=n();if(c>b.oS&&!g(b,a))q(b,a);else g(b,a)&&c<b.oS&&p(b,a)},x=function(){for(var a=0;a<s[d];a++)J(s[a])},J=function(a){if(a.oS){a.fT&&clearTimeout(a.fT);a.fT=setTimeout(function(){if(a.aF)F(a);else y(a)},50)}else y(a)},w=function(d,c,b){p(d,a);c[l]="none";""},y=function(c){var j=z(c),f=c[k],e=c[m],d=c.pH[m],h=n();if(j<c.oT&&h>c.oS&&!g(c,a)&&(window.innerHeight||b.clientHeight)>f){c.tP=h+j-c.oT;var p=L();if(f>p-c.tP-f)var i=f;else i=0;d[l]="block";d[C]="none";d[B]=f+1+"px";c.pH[k];d[C]="height .3s";d[B]=i+"px";q(c,a);e.position=a;"px";if(o(c,"position")!=a)d[l]="none"}else if(g(c,a)&&(h<c.tP||h<c.oS)){var s=o(c,"animation");if(c.oS&&c.classList&&s.indexOf("slide-down")!=-1){var r=o(c,"animationDuration");c.classList.remove(a);e.animationDirection="reverse";e.animationDuration="300ms";void c[k];c.classList.add(a);setTimeout(function(){w(c,d,e);e.animationDirection="normal";e.animationDuration=r},300)}else w(c,d,e)}},I=function(){var f=[],c,b;if(e[t]){f=e[t]("float-panel");i=e[t]("slideanim")}else{var k=e.getElementsByTagName("*");c=k[d];while(c--)g(k[c],"float-panel")&&f.push(k[c])}c=f[d];for(var h=0;h<c;h++){b=s[h]=f[h];b.oT=parseInt(b.getAttribute("data-top")||0);b.oS=parseInt(b.getAttribute("data-scroll")||0);if(b.oS>20&&o(b,"position")==a)b.aF=1;b.pH=e.createElement("div");b.pH[m].width=b.offsetWidth+"px";b.pH[m][l]="none";b.parentNode.insertBefore(b.pH,b.nextSibling)}if(s[d]){setTimeout(x,160);j(window,"scroll",x)}},f,D=200,E=0,r,u,H=function(){return window.innerWidth||b.clientWidth||e.body.clientWidth};function K(){if(!r)r=setInterval(function(){var a=e.body;if(a[c]<3)a[c]=0;else a[c]=a[c]/1.3;if(b[c]<3)b[c]=0;else b[c]=b[c]/1.3;if(!n()){clearInterval(r);r=null}},14)}function A(){clearTimeout(u);if(n()>D&&H()>E){u=setTimeout(function(){p(f,"mcOut")},60);f[m][l]="block"}else{q(f,"mcOut");u=setTimeout(function(){f[m][l]="none"},500)}}var N=function(){f=e.getElementById("backtop");if(f){var a=f.getAttribute("data-v-w");if(a){a=a.replace(/\s/g,"").split(",");D=parseInt(a[0]);if(a[d]>1)E=parseInt(a[1])}j(f,"click",K);j(window,"scroll",A);A()}},v=function(){for(var c=n(),e=c+window.innerHeight,g=i[d],b,f,a=0;a<g;a++){b=c+z(i[a]),f=b+i[a][k];if(b<e)q(i[a],"slide");else p(i[a],"slide")}},G=function(){if(i[d]){j(window,"scroll",v);v()}},M=function(){I();N();G()};j(window,"load",M);j(document,"touchstart",function(){})}

Step 4: Add this code in the theme.css file

/* ---------------- For sticky header: class="float-panel"  ------------------*/
.float-panel {
    width:100%;background:white;z-index:300;padding:30px 0;transform: translateZ(0);
    transition:all 0.5s; /* Effect for switching from .fixed to static */
.float-panel .content-area {margin:10px auto;}
.float-panel a {font-size:16px;text-decoration:none;color:#444;display:inline-block;padding:10px 20px;}
.float-panel .fa-gg {color:#F0595C;font-size:30px;vertical-align:middle;transition:all 1s;}
/* when class="float-panel fixed" */
.fixed {box-shadow:0 2px 6px rgba(0,0,0,0.2);padding:4px 0;animation:slide-down 0.7s;opacity:0.9;}
.fixed .fa-gg {transform: rotate(360deg); }
@keyframes slide-down {
    0% {
        opacity: 0;
        transform: translateY(-100%);
    100% {
        opacity: 0.9;
        transform: translateY(0);