Best Shopify Apps for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales in 2020

Best Shopify Apps for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales in 2020

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💻 Welcome to * Best Shopify Apps for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales in 2020 ✅ YOU MUST HAVE FOR BLACK FRIDAY*

📝 Video Description: The holidays are a stressful time in eCommerce. Your production goes into overdrive. Here the Best Shopify Apps for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales in 2020

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List of Apps


I like to think of Pixelpop as the Swiss Army knife of BFCM apps. You can use it to build your mailing list, promote products, or incentivize conversions with coupons and exit-intent offers. 

Countdown Sales Timer

Just because BFCM has been your entire world for the past three months, that doesn’t mean your customers know what it is or when it’s coming.

Page Studio

Check out any major retailer’s site around Black Friday and you’ll find they have a landing page dedicated exclusively to the event. Creating professional-calibre landing pages can be tricky if you don’t have a digital designer in your corner. Page Studio makes it easy, giving you the tools you need to create attractive, responsive pages using its intuitive WYSIWYG editor. 

Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers (USO) is the only all-in-one sales solution for Shopify, allowing you to run eight different sale types. Choose from BOGO, bulk sales, bundles, classic discounts, free gifts, upselling, and more.

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