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Dokan or Mayosis đŸ€” Which one is best for Digital Download Marketplace

Digital download refers to download any digital product from the internet. For Example Software, Ebooks, Audio Files, and Music Production Software, Games, Photography, Video. Selling Digital products online is a great idea.

Amazon – The World Best Online Marketplace even started the business by selling a digital product. There are over 2 billion digital buyers in the world. (Source)

As you know, I am working as an eCommerce Web Developer and different clients come to me to build different websites. Multi-Vendor eCommerce website one of them.

Recently I met some clients who wanted to multi-vendor eCommerce website to sells Digital products and they ask me to provide them the right suggestion to buy the right theme, plugin, and domain hosting so that they get the best website.

Which one I should Choose

Dokan is Best Multi-vendor WordPress Theme that already knows by many people. World Class Marketplaces that Chose Dokan. Around 12 million online stores exist today worldwide.

Mayosis – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme. They are selling well for unique UI designs for different categories like sell Images, Videos, Audio.

Dokan runs on their own plugin but Mayosis depend on Easy Digital Downloads plugin. But for Design both use Elementor Plugin that is right now Best WordPress Page Builder Theme.

Dokan basically built their plugin to solve the multi-vendor online marketplace problem. They focused on solving client problems to build any type of multi-vendor eCommerce Online Marketplace.

Mayosis is a trending theme in Theme Forest on the search result of Digital Download WordPress Theme Because they make a very unique design for different types of product.

Meiosis only focuses on the Digital Download Multi Vandor eCommerce Website they do not target all the clients who wanted to build any product type multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace like Dokan. So their target customer only wanted to build a Digital Download Online Store with Multi-Vandor Feature.

Meiosis theme price only $67 but you never think to build your online marketplace with $67, $100, $500. There have many additional costs.

Domain, Hosting, Logo, Plugins, Developer Cost all makes your cost 1000$ + depend on features.

How to add Appointment Booking System Calendar in Shopify

Booking system maximizes sales because you are not limited to your working hours.

Basic, Appointment Booking System Calendar is software that allows a customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website.

In this tutorial, you can learn How to add Appointment Booking System Calendar with Free App in Shopify Online Store.

This Tutorial for Beginners. you no need any technical or coding skills. Also no need to 💰 pay anything. I do this using a top trending Shopify Appointment Booking free App. This App Name: Tipo Appointment Booking

Advantages of Online Booking Systems

  • Your business is open around the clock. …
  • You can maximize reservations. …
  • You get paid quicker. …
  • You’re not tied to a phone. …
  • You can effortlessly up-sell add-ons. …
  • It’s easy to manage your calendar. …
  • You get valuable insight into your business. …
  • You need Internet access.

What do you get from Tipo Appointment Booking?

Tipo Appointment Booking app is the ultimate solution for any online booking system. For the use and advantage, you should never ignore the eCommerce era. This app will bring a smooth booking experience to your customers due to straightforward booking steps, speedy loading, and stunning design.

Tipo Appointment Booking is perfect for

  • Study courses: Allow students to select a proper subject, learning time, location and favorite lecturer
  • Gym and Sports: Let trainees book a sport for individual or group and choose a trainer
  • Private Clinics: Allow clients to book a medical service, appoint a doctor, make the payment
  • Law consultants: Make appointments, showcase services, and manage staff Repair centers: List the number of services, locations, and servicemen for customers to choose.
  • And much more patterns!

Contact with me for any shopify project. Contact Page

5 Critical Mistakes of Entrepreneur When Developing a Personal Image

Who you are is just as important as the product/service you offer when you’re an entrepreneur. Investors will often make bets on a strong and confident entrepreneur, even if they’re not 100% convinced your product/market fit is correct. Developing a strong image as an entrepreneur is essential for long-term business success. If you want help learning how to hone your personal image, the following are five critical mistakes you should avoid making.

Offensive Public Persona

What you say on social media and how you behave at conferences can have a definite impact on your ability to build a strong personal brand as an entrepreneur. Your social media profiles need to be squeaky clean and your behavior in public needs to be beyond reproach. If you have a habit of making crude jokes or sexist/racist comments, you’re going to have a tough time becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Poor Listener

Entrepreneurs with lousy listening skills aren’t likely to build thriving businesses. You must have stellar listening skills if you want to be thought of as an exceptional entrepreneur. From the way you listen to your target audience to the way you listen to employees and investors, how you make an effort to receive information and advice from others has a direct relationship to your success as an entrepreneur.

Make Sure Your Pants Aren’t on Fire

Remember that old childhood rhyme ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’? You should avoid being thought of as a liar if you want to become a top-notch entrepreneur. When customers know they can’t trust you to keep your brand promises, they’ll think twice about doing business with your company. The same goes for employees. Fail to keep your promises and commitments to employees and you can kiss company loyalty goodbye.

Disorganized Disaster

If you constantly arrive late for meetings or appear scatterbrained when conducting business with others, your disorganization is a direct reflection on your capabilities as an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are in control of all aspects of their business life, from their appearance to their preparedness for meetings. Learn to become better organized and you’ll increase your odds of becoming a well-respected entrepreneur.

Questionable Grammar and Spelling

If you plan to use social media or content marketing to grow your business as an entrepreneur, you must either have impeccable grammar and spelling or hire someone who does. Entrepreneurs who have numerous spelling mistakes in their content marketing and social media posts are often thought of as less intelligent than entrepreneurs with excellent grammar and spelling abilities. Learn to work with a proofreader before posting to social media or your business’ blog and you’ll lessen your chances of being thought of as lacking intelligence.

Avoid these five critical mistakes when developing a personal image as an entrepreneur and you’ll increase your chances of business success. While developing product/market fit as a business builder is important, so too is developing a personal image others can trust and believe in. Will you be updating your entrepreneurial image as you attempt to build a thriving business?

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