Get a Free Domain in 2020 – Ultimate Domain Buying Guide for Beginners

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The best way to register a free business domain is to use a domain registrar that offers free domains as a part of their web hosting plans.

A domain name is a website address that includes a name, a dot (or period), and an extension like “com” or “net” like We reviewed several ways to get a free domain name, including sourcing one directly from a free domain name provider and securing one as part of a paid hosting package.

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Free Domain Name Providers

Free Domain Name Provider
Best for
Companies that need a free domain and affordable hosting for WordPress websites
Companies need a free domain for an easy-to-design professional website
Businesses that need a free domain with a simple drag-and-drop website builder
Companies that need a completely free subdomain and low-tech website builder
Businesses looking for a short-term yet completely free domain
Businesses that need unlimited renewals on a free domain

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