Important warning for eCommerce Website build with Elementor


Are using WordPress and Elementor for your online store or eCommerce business then this warning for you but don’t be worry because it easy to prevent your website and make it secure.

Popular WordPress page builder, Elementor has a vulnerability called an Authenticated Reflected XSS. This kind of vulnerability allows a hacker to run a script from another site and do things such as steal login credentials.

Ecommerce Security: 10 Tips For Your Online Store

Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop. No longer does the traditional brick-and-mortar store reign supreme. Instead, online stores, by offering shopping convenience all day and all night every single day of the year, lure customers to their sites from all over the world. And as eCommerce sales continue to swell, the necessity of better eCommerce security grows more urgent.

1. Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform

2. Switch to HTTPS for Better Ecommerce Security

3. Set up Strong Password Rules

4. Have a Data Backup Plan

5. Use Security Plug-ins for Better Ecommerce Security

6. Don’t Store Credit Card Numbers

7. Monitor Your Site Effectively

8. Install a Bot Detection Mechanism

9. Conduct Vulnerability Tests on Your Website

10. Schedule Automatic Backups for Better Ecommerce Security

Make Ecommerce Security a Priority

It is important to keep your eCommerce website secure and safe by using the best possible security measures. So stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity practices. Also, ensure your site is always backed up, and use effective encryption techniques. These measures will help to keep your eCommerce website secure.

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