My Journey - eCommerce Thesis

My Journey

First of all, I want to give you thanks because you are interested to know about me. Probably my experience and services.

Ok So Let start, First of all, I like to introduce my name and age with you.

My name is Foysal Ahmed – the man behind eCommerceThesis.Com. I’m a 27-year old Web Designer, WordPress & Shopify Developer, and eCommerce Business Analyst. I am a full-time freelancer originally from Habigonj, Bangladesh. Here at eCommerce Thesis, I cover everything about eCommerce Business.

How to start an eCommerce business from scratch and become successful in the eCommerce business? My ultimate goal is to make entrepreneurs’ journeys easier by sharing research and experience-based insights.

My Story

I was raised in a small village named Teghoria. After completing the SSC from Kalauk High School with a GPA of 4.50 in 5.00, I moved to Habiganj to receive higher education from Brindaban Govt. College.

In 2009, I got my first mobile phone. Also, this time I was regularly read a newspaper from a village medicine shop because I could not buy a newspaper for my financial limitation. As a result, I had to read the newspaper in the medicine shop. One day I notice a feature post about Career and IT. It’s was about *Career as a Web Designer*  So I became inspired and decided that I will be a web designer after reading the whole report. It’s almost 10 years running. Now I am working as freelance a Web Designer, WordPress Developer, and eCommerce Business Developer.

The path of my career:-

Web Design – WordPress Shopify – Technical Virtual Assistant – IT Business Manager, Digital Marketing – eCommerce Business Developer.

In 2012, Finally, I got my first computer. At that time, I learned about a freelancing website, Joomla, WordPress.

In 2014, I got my first freelancing job in oDesk currently Upwork as a Web Designer to create a website using WordPress.

In 2018, I first get a Top Rated Badge in Upwork. The first long-time project was Technical Virtual Assistant and Manager Real Estate Business. The second one was working as a WordPress developer with a Newzealand IT Business Manager. Third One with and USA Company as FBA Business Assistant.

Why I started eCommerce Thesis?

Seem like other people I have a passion. When I passed HSC from College then I decided to admit to University on the subject of eConomics. But I could not only for the financial problem then I started to build my career as a freelancer but As I love technology and did a different type of work as clients requirements I have learned a lot of things from the beginning.

I don’t forget my passion – it’s was Economics. In the digital era Econimis becoming eCommerce. I want to go with my passion.

Furthermore, I have a mixed combination of programming and marketing skills. as a result, I have started to write about eCommerce Business.

I don’t forget my passion – it’s was Economics. In the digital era Econimis becoming eCommerce. I want to go with my passion.

The best advice I get from my clients is that  Foysal, Don’t be hurry, Big success takes time to come.

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