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eCommerce Website Audit and Fix

The “what I needed” e-commerce audit now just for the price of a lunch out.
I have a strong experience consulting web companies and fast-growing e-commerce businesses of all kinds.
Choose the pricing package that fits you the best, don’t worry about revisions.

You receive a unique hand typed PDF report detailing how to improve your website.
The following included:
✅User experience
✅Graphical changes needed
✅Coding errors
✅Hacking exploits
✅Conversion problems
✅Payment gateway providers

Unlike other service providers, I don’t audit only the homepage/landing page. I do a complete website analysis.

Not getting that much sales even though you have spent a lot of money on advertising?

Sometimes the reason behind those kinds of problems can be some tiny unnoticeable issues with your store, and once you fix them your sales will boost crazy and your conversion rate will go up in no time.

Back then when I had my first Shopify store 4 years ago, I wasn’t getting many sales even though I got traffic through ads. and I was wondering about the reason behind it so I got a chance to talk to one of my clients and he told me all about the errors that exist in my store. and after fixing them I noticed a huge increase in sales in my Shopify store.

What Will You Get In this Gig?

✔️ Full site review
✔️ Proofreading all text and descriptions
✔️ Product organizing tips
✔️ Product photo review
✔️ SEO audit

✔️ Tricks and tips on how to get more sales
✔️ Conversion Hacks
✔️ Design optimization and changes
✔️ And much more!

What results to expect?

  • Increase in Sales
  • More Revenue
  • Better Conversion %
  • Increase in Add to Cart
  • Better Facebook and Google Ad Conversion
  • Most importantly. Better ROI


We provide a ‘2nd opinion’ on your SEO, eCommerce and Marketing performance. Sometimes you’re unsure about the progress made by your in-house team, other times you’re not sure you can trust your agency, other times you’re understaffed and know you are leaving money on the table.

No matter what the situation, we will come in and produce a professional audit that checks

1- On Page SEO optimization (Technical and Content)
2- Off Page SEO optmization  (Backlinks, Spam Score, Authority Indicators)

For an added fee:

We will audit your website as an eCommerce / money generating asset. This includes 3 audits

1- A Heuristic audit where we look through the website and comment on parts that look odd or break best practices

2- A data driven audit, where we model your funnel in analytics and identify your main drop off stage

3- If your terms of service allow it, we will install software to record your user sessions, and review a sample of sessions to identify where users are getting stuck and abandoning

Finally, for an added fee we will review your marketing channels against best practices to make sure your email, search and retargeting are operating properly.

Working hard on your store, but not seeing any sales?
Or getting low profits or no profit at all despite huge spending on ads??

Well, it’s most probably because your site is not designed to convert, lack of trust factor, or simply look scammy!

What must be done to increase sales?

  • Improve the store to look more professional
  • Improve the trustworthiness of the store
  • Increase conversion and drive more sales
I will go through every aspect of your website and tell you the errors as well as improvements to be made. You will get a complete plan on what exactly needs to be done!

What results to expect?

  • Increase in Sales
  • More Revenue
  • Better Conversion %
  • A Trustable Site
  • Most importantly. Better ROI
✔️ Full site review
✔️ SEO audit
✔️ Tricks and tips on how to get more sales
✔️ Conversion Hacks
✔️ And much more!

Don’t waste time reading articles or watching video tutorials on how to improve your store’s performance…

…get a tailor-made review for your store and start improving it right away!