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Best Video Marketing Agency in Singapore

Video marketing means using videos for promoting and telling people about your product or service. Video production simply refers to the process of creating video content in a digital format.

According to What’s New In Publishing online video marketing statistics, the global streaming market grew to 55% in 2020, compared to 2019. The amount has increased from 104.11 billion USD to 161.37 billion USD.

Over 86 percent of businesses rely on video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2021).

If you haven’t already capitalized on the video medium, you’re missing out a lot. It is generally true that people like videos. In fact, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 – 15 times more noise than in 2017.

Singapore will be the best place to outsource Video Marketing agencies.

Capital M productions

The profile and details of this agency are managed by the owner of the agency.

Capital M Productions, a Singapore and Malaysia-based client-centric video production company.

They focus on developing relationships with clients, creating powerful and effective videos that capture the imagination and stay in the minds of viewers. They know how to work within a budget and are always aware of the need to get the job done within the given parameters, sensitive to the summary they provide to our clients. We are proud to strive, reach and maintain the highest standards in Capital M Productions and this is reflected in the commitment we make to every job we create.

A video production company needs all the benefits you need and your creative input for your projects.

Somerville Media Video Production

The profile and details of this agency are managed by the owner of the agency. Somerville Media is a leading full-service video production company based in Singapore.

Founded in 2007, they have been providing local video production support to local and international clients across Singapore and Southeast Asia. They have a full-time camera crew and in-house video editors and leverage an established network of freelancers to ensure we always have the resources we need and the ability to scale as needed.

They have worked extensively in both Europe and Asia and are accustomed to working internationally and in different time zones. Our strength lies in being able to understand your needs and provide the right options for your project.

These are international backgrounds, which means we have an established global network of a camera crew and freelance cameramen whose local camera crew we can call elsewhere if needed.

Ted Media

The profile and details of this agency are managed by the owner of the agency.

Ted Media is a boutique video and photo production company focused on cinematic storytelling and commercial advertising. They have done descriptive work for brands like Singapore Tourism Board, Great Eastern Life, F&N, Honest, Airspace and we have worked closely with creative organizations like J. Walter Thompson, Dentsu Singapore, and McCann Commonwealth.

Philosophy is simple, we translate ideas into short and efficient messages through visual media. Turning an idea into something simple and beautiful. We help businesses transform their vision into reality. After years of production experience, we know what works.

Asia Productions

Asia Productions is a full-service, award-winning production company that can help guide a customer from a preliminary idea to a great final product. Whether you are seeking professional video production or advice for your project, we are always budget-wise and happy to work within the parameters set by our clients.

Such as S.E. Asia’s leading manufacturing services company, they provide some of the best fixers, scouts, crew, and services you can find in the region. Their loyal clients include the world’s leading content suppliers, studios, and manufacturing companies. Their relationship with both the government and the private sector is second to none and assures them that their clients will always have the location and logistics they are looking for with a painless film permit process.


BREED started 3 years ago as the originator of an advertising creative brain that wanted to blur the lines between the two separate but interconnected worlds of advertising and video production. By doing this they believe, ideas will naturally always come first and their clients ’creative vision will be fully realized.

Since then, we’ve created, co-authored, and created disrespectful, viral, and unforgettable work for the Singapore Tourism Board, Starbucks, Guinness, Grab, and DBS.

BREED believes that brands are reduced by a slow, weakening agency process. Because the world moves at the speed of a tweet, their impressions are essential for the success of our clients.

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