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Divi Contact Form Not Sending Emails ✅ Solution Here

Are you facing issues with your Divi Contact Form Not Sending Emails? It can be irritating when your internet site’s touch form fails to deliver messages to your inbox. But fret no longer! In this guide, we will stroll you through some common motives why your Divi touch form might not be sending emails and provide step-by-step answers to help you get it back up and jogging easily.

Understanding Divi Contact Form:

Before diving into troubleshooting, let’s understand how Divi contact paperwork works. Divi is a popular WordPress theme with constructed-in contact form modules that allow internet site proprietors to create and personalize touch bureaucracy without problems. These forms are critical for user interaction and lead technology on your website.

Possible Causes of Divi Contact Form Not Sending Email:

Incorrect email configuration:

One of the most common and unusual reasons for touch forms not sending emails is the wrong email configuration. Ensure that the email correspondence configured to your Divi touch shape settings is correct and nicely formatted.

Double-take a look at the e-mail settings inside your WordPress dashboard to ensure that they match the email you want to receive messages on.

Server Configuration Issues:

Sometimes, server configurations can interfere with the sending of emails from your internet site. Check with your website hosting issuer to ensure that your server is well configured to send emails.

Some website hosting companies may have regulations or boundaries on outgoing emails. Make sure your server meets the requirements for sending emails from WordPress.

SPAM Filters and Email Deliverability:

Spam filters can every so often prevent emails dispatched out of your internet site’s contact form from reaching your inbox. Check your spam folder to see if the emails are being filtered.

To enhance electronic mail deliverability, do not forget to use a reliable email carrier issuer along with Gmail or set up SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails from your WordPress website.

Plugin or theme conflicts:

Conflicts with other plugins or subject matters set up for your WordPress web site can also cause issues with the Divi Touch bureaucracy. Disable all plugins besides Divi and check the contact form to see if it sends emails effectively.

If the contact shape works after disabling different plugins, gradually re-enable them one after the other to pick out the conflicting plugin.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Divi Contact Form Issues:

Check the email spam folder:

Start by checking your email junk mail folder to see if the emails sent from your Divi contact form are being marked as junk mail by your email company.

Verify email configuration:

Double-take a look at the email configuration settings within Divi to ensure that the recipient email is accurate and properly configured.

Test with Different Email Addresses:

Test the Divi touch with different email addresses to determine if the issue is particular to one email account or a broader problem.

Configure SMTP for WordPress:

Consider configuring SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails from your WordPress website. SMTP enables improved electronic mail deliverability and decreases the possibility of emails being marked as junk mail.

Update Divi Theme and Plugins:

Ensure that your Divi topic and all plugins are updated. Outdated themes or plugins can now and again cause compatibility troubles with touch forms.

Contact Hosting Provider Support:

If you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps and the difficulty persists, touch your website hosting issuer’s guide crew for assistance. They can help you diagnose server-related troubles that may be affecting electronic mail transport.

Additional Tips for Ensuring Smooth Operation:

Monitor email logs:

Many hosting providers provide e-mail logging capabilities that permit you to tune the delivery popularity of emails dispatched from your website. Monitor these logs frequently to identify any patterns or routine issues with e-mail shipping.

Implement email testing tools:

Utilize email testing equipment and services to test the deliverability and formatting of emails dispatched from your Divi contact form. These tools can help you perceive any capability troubles with your email setup and make certain that emails are reaching their intended recipients.

Optimize Contact Form Fields:

Keep your contact bureaucracy simple and concise by including the simplest essential fields. Too many fields can crush users and reduce form submissions. Stick to fields like name, electronic mail, challenge, and message to inspire engagement.

Enable Form Submission Notifications:

Enable form submission notifications inside the Divi touch shape settings to get hold of instant indicators every time a user submits a message. This permits you to be knowledgeable about incoming inquiries and respond right away to user queries.

Regularly backup your website:

Regularly backup your WordPress internet site to shield against data loss or corruption. On the occasion of technical troubles or conflicts, having the latest backup ensures that you can restore your website to a stable country without losing treasured records.

Consider Using Third-Party Form Plugins:

If you still experience problems with the Divi touch form, keep in mind exploring alternative touch shape plugins to be had within the WordPress repository. Plugins like Contact Form 7 or WPForms provide strong functions and may offer a more reliable answer to your email verbal exchange needs.


Q1. Why am I not receiving emails from the touch shape?

A1: There could be several reasons why you are not receiving emails from your contact form:

  • Make sure that your electronic mail settings are configured effectively inside Divi.
  • Check your spam or junk folder for your electronic mail consumer, as once in a while emails from touch bureaucracy can be filtered there.
  • Ensure that the email correspondence detailed in the contact shape settings is accurate and energetic.
  • Verify that your website hosting company lets in outgoing emails from your internet site.

Q2. Why is my contact form in Divi now not running?

A2: The contact shape in Divi might not paint because of numerous motives:

  • Ensure that your Divi topic and WordPress installation are up-to-date.
  • Check if there are any conflicts with different plugins or the subject itself.
  • Verify that the form fields are well configured and mapped to your email address.
  • Test the form submission to see if you come across any mistakes.

Q3. How do I hyperlink my contact form to my electronic mail in Divi?

A3: To hyperlink your contact form to your email in Divi:

  • Go to the Divi Builder and edit the contact shape module.
  • In the module settings, navigate to the “Email” tab.
  • Enter the email address at which you need to get hold of shape submissions.
  • Save the changes, and the contact form will now be connected to your email.

Q4. Does Divi save contact form submissions?

A4: By default, Divi doesn’t store touch-shape submissions internally. However, you may combine third-birthday celebration offerings like Google Forms, Mailchimp, or different plugins to save and control form submissions externally.

Q5. How does the Divi contact shape paintings?

A5: The Divi contact form module lets you create a custom touch bureaucracy within your internet site. Users can fill out the shape fields with their facts, and upon submission, the records are dispatched to the email address designated inside the shape settings. Divi makes use of PHP mail capabilities to send the shape submissions to the required e-mail address. However, for greater superior capabilities like submission garage, you can want to combine extra plugins or offerings.

Ensuring that your Divi contact form sends emails reliably is critical for retaining effective conversation with your internet site visitors and customers. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide and implementing first-rate practices for e-mail configuration and shape control, you may triumph over not-unusual challenges and streamline the user experience on your internet site.