Freshdesk is everything you need to redefine your customer

Freshdesk is everything you need to redefine your customer

Freshdesk is everything you need to redefine your customer support. We have everything you need all in one. Keep track of all your conversations and prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you never loose track of them. You can set up team inboxes to track and manage incoming tickets from multiple channels. Set up automation to set deadlines for ticket responses and resolutions based on categories. Ensure that multiple agents are not working on the same ticket at once. You can also set up automation for repeated actions so one click will do everything at once. We also allow you to set up pre-formatted replies to commonly asked questions to automate responses.

We will automatically assign tickets based on skills. We also take into account current workload to keep from bogging down employees. We make resolving issues as a team easier as well. We make it simple to share a ticket with each other while still seeing updates as stages are resolved. You can link tickets so partners or teams can tag team to complete issues faster or break them up into separate tickets to ensure the person best suited is resolving the right problems. Freshdesk allows you to discuss specifications on tickets with someone more advanced within the company.

Freshdesk supports across all channels. Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform. Convert support emails or calls into tickets with ease. Engage, support and retain customers through live chat. We allow you to integrate your companies social media and website to manage through the helpdesk.

We also make measuring and improving efficiency a breeze. Reports will show you exactly how employees or teams are doing based on multiple factors. We allow you to set up customer satisfaction reports to gain answers and insights from the customer.

Let Freshdesk help you work smarter not harder.

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