How To Disable Right Click On Shopify Store - eCommerce Thesis

How To Disable Right Click On Shopify Store

In this tutorial, You can learn how to disable right-clicking on the Shopify store and stop the mouse right-clicking on your Shopify store and display a message saying that not allowed. Disabling right-click in Shopify is really important because right-clicking on a webpage can give competitors access to your code and other assets like product images and videos, by disabling right-click, you are protecting yourself from the potential competition and keeping your assets safe from being used by Shopify competition. Shopify is an incredibly popular e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes, so it’s important that extra steps are taken to ensure its security.

Disabling right click helps protect against malicious activities such as copying images or text without permission or downloading product pictures and videos which could be used by your competitors to promote the same product as you.

document.addEventListener('contextmenu', function(e) {
  alert('Right-click is disabled on this site.');