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How to Enable Same Page Smooth Scroll to Anchor in Shopify

In the extensive international world of online shopping, making sure a seamless user experience is vital for the success of any Shopify save. One way to enhance navigation and user engagement is by imposing an identical-web page clean scroll to anchor function. This feature permits site visitors to easily navigate to different sections of a webpage without having to load separate pages. In this guide, we’ll stroll you How to Enable Same Page Smooth Scroll to Anchor in Shopify store

Understanding the Same Page Smooth Scroll to Anchor

Before we dive into the implementation manner, let’s, in short, understand what equal-web page easy scroll to anchor manner. Essentially, it is a functionality that enables customers to navigate to exceptional sections of a web site by clicking on anchor hyperlinks, without the need for the page to reload. Instead of abrupt jumps, the page scrolls smoothly to the favored segment, offering an unbroken surfing experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Enabling Same Page Smooth Scroll to Anchor in Shopify

1. Accessing your Shopify theme settings:

Log in to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to the “Online Store” phase. From there, choose “Themes.”

2. Choosing the theme to edit:

Identify the subject matter you’re currently using and click on the “Actions” button subsequent to it. Then, select “Edit Code” from the drop-down menu.

3. Locating the Theme.Liquid File:

In the subject matter editor, find and click on the “subject.Liquid” report from the listing of theme documents on the left-hand side. This report contains the primary shape of your Shopify topic.

4. Adding Smooth Scroll Script:

Within the “subject matter.Liquid” file, find the closing </head> tag. Right before this tag, paste the subsequent JavaScript code:
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This script guarantees that clicking on anchor links easily scrolls to the corresponding phase.

5. Save Changes:

Once you have the script, click on the “Save” button to apply the changes to your theme.

6. Testing:

It’s constantly an amazing practice to check the functionality after making adjustments. Navigate to your Shopify store and attempt clicking on anchor hyperlinks to verify that the easy scroll impact is working effectively.

7. Customization 

Depending on your subject’s structure and design, you may want to personalize the script to suit your particular necessities. Feel free to test with distinctive animation speeds or easing outcomes to acquire the desired end result.

Expanding your knowledge

Now that you’ve correctly applied equal-web page smooth scroll to anchor on your Shopify store, it’s well worth exploring further to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience. Here are some additional pointers and assets to help you on your adventure:

1. Optimizing Anchor Links

While the smooth scroll impact improves navigation, it’s important to ensure that your anchor links are strategically located and labeled clearly. Use descriptive anchor textual content that accurately reflects the content material of the connected segment to guide users correctly.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Test the easy scroll capability on diverse gadgets, which include smartphones and capsules, to make sure a seamless revel occurs throughout all display screen sizes. Adjust the script or styling as necessary to maintain responsiveness and value.

Advanced Customization

If you are comfortable with coding, keep in mind exploring advanced customization options to tailor the clean scroll impact to your alternatives. You can regulate the animation duration, easing function, or upload additional outcomes to create a unique browsing experience.

1. Monitoring Performance:

Keep an eye on your internet site’s overall performance metrics, consisting of jump price and average consultation length, after implementing the smooth scroll function. Monitor person feedback and behavior to gauge its effectiveness and make similar improvements if wanted.

2. Community Support and Documentation:

Take advantage of Shopify’s giant documentation and network boards to find steering and help from fellow merchants and developers. Share your reviews and learn from others to constantly refine your internet site’s functionality.

3. Stay Updated:

As the era evolves and new features grow to be had, stay informed about the present-day traits in internet layout and enjoy them. Continuously update your internet site to incorporate progressive solutions and stay ahead of the competition.
Additional Considerations for Same-Page Smooth Scroll to Anchor in Shopify


Ensure that your smooth scrolling characteristic stays handy for all users, along with individuals who depend on assistive technologies, including display screen readers. Test your internet site’s functionality with accessibility equipment to pick out and deal with any capacity problems.

5. Search engine marketing optimization:

While smooth scrolling to the anchor enhances consumer enjoyment, it’s important to maintain stability with search engine marketing considerations. Ensure that anchor links are crawlable by way of search engine bots and that they make positive contributions to your internet site’s overall search engine optimization approach.

6. Performance Optimization:

Keep a watch on your website’s loading pace and performance after imposing the easy scroll characteristic. Excessive JavaScript or inefficient code can affect page load instances, affecting the user experience and search engine scores. Optimize your code and belongings to ensure clean performance.

7. User feedback and iteration

Solicit remarks from your internet site traffic to recognize their interest in the clean scroll function. Analyze user conduct and comments to discover regions for development and iterate on your implementation accordingly. A consumer-focused technique will help you constantly enhance your internet site’s usability and effectiveness.

8. Integration with Third-Party Apps

If your Shopify save makes use of 1/3-celebration apps or plugins, ensure compatibility with the smooth scroll feature. Test the combination thoroughly to keep away from conflicts or compatibility problems that would affect capability.

9. Regular Maintenance

As your Shopify store evolves and grows, periodically assess and replace the clean scroll implementation to align with any adjustments in layout, content, or capability. Regular protection guarantees that your internet site will continue to offer a continuing browsing experience over time.

By enabling the same-web page smooth scroll to anchor for your Shopify shop, you could drastically enhance the browsing experience for your traffic. This easy yet powerful characteristic enhances navigation, reduces page load instances, and, in the long run, contributes to higher consumer engagement and pleasure.