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How To Show Sale Discount Percentage In Shopify

Hey there, welcome to you my YouTube channel. Today, I am going to show How to sell discount percentages in Shopify’s product grid instead of using a sale badge. The percentage will be automatically calculated based on the discount applied to each product.

By showing sale discount percentages in Shopify, rather than relying on a sale badge or tag, you can ensure that your customers are well-informed about any ongoing discounts and sales.

Not only does displaying the percentage draw attention to the sale, but it also helps customers quickly grasp the amount they can save when making a purchase from your Shopify store. Additionally, incorporating clear visual indicators, such as percent-off signs, alongside products makes it easier for customers who may not be familiar with specific dollar amounts associated with different items. This is particularly useful when dealing with diverse product categories, where prices may vary widely, such as electronics compared to clothing.

By displaying the sale discount as a percentage in Shopify, you provide shoppers with a comfortable and intuitive way to navigate your store. This approach encourages them to return frequently and share the word about the amazing deals your store has to offer.

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