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Import Course from Kajabi to GoModern ✅ Step-by-Step Guide

Have you built a loyal following on your blog and are ready to take the next step? Perhaps you’ve been using Kajabi to host your online courses but are considering a switch to GoModern. The good news is, Improt course from Kajabi to GoModern is a relatively straightforward process. This guide will walk you through the steps of importing your Kajabi course content into GoModern, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption for your enrolled students.

Important Note: While GoModern offers course creation functionalities, it’s important to clarify that the import process from Kajabi focuses primarily on transferring content, not replicating the entire Kajabi course platform. This guide assumes you’ll be rebuilding your course structure within GoModern while leveraging the imported content.

Understanding the Import Process: What Transfers and What Doesn’t

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to import from Kajabi to GoModern:

  • Content: This includes text modules, videos, audio files, images, and downloadable resources associated with your Kajabi course lessons.
  • Quizzes (Optional): GoModern offers its own quizzing functionality. You can choose to import Kajabi quiz questions and recreate them within GoModern quizzes, although the question format might require some adjustments.

What Doesn’t Transfer:

  • Student Enrollment Data: Unfortunately, Kajabi student enrollment information doesn’t migrate to GoModern. You’ll need to manually re-enroll your students within GoModern or explore alternative solutions like exporting a list of student email addresses from Kajabi for communication purposes.
  • Course Structure: The overall course structure and organization within Kajabi won’t directly translate to GoModern. You’ll need to rebuild your course structure and lesson sequence within the GoModern platform.
  • Kajabi-Specific Features: Features unique to Kajabi, like pipelines, landing pages, or email marketing tools, won’t transfer to GoModern. You’ll need to find alternative solutions within GoModern or integrate with third-party services to replicate similar functionalities.

While some elements require manual setup within GoModern, the content import process streamlines the migration of valuable course materials, saving you time and effort.

Prerequisites for Importing Your Kajabi Course

Before diving into the import process, ensure you have the following in place:

  • Active GoModern Account: Sign up for a GoModern account with a plan that offers course creation features. Some plans might have limitations on course content storage, so choose one that aligns with your course size.
  • Kajabi Export: Within Kajabi, access your course and download an export file containing your course content. Kajabi typically offers different export formats – choose one compatible with GoModern’s import functionality (usually a .ZIP file).
  • Content Organization: For a smoother import, organize your downloaded Kajabi course content into folders with clear names reflecting the corresponding lesson modules or topics. This simplifies the upload process within GoModern.

Once you have these prerequisites covered, let’s explore the import steps!

Importing Your Course Content to GoModern: A Step-by-Step Guide

The import process within GoModern is designed to be user-friendly:

  1. Access Your GoModern Dashboard: Log in to your GoModern account and navigate to your website project dashboard.
  2. Locate the “Courses” Section: Depending on your GoModern plan, the “Courses” section might be located within a dedicated “Learning Management System” (LMS) area or a similar section within your dashboard.
  3. Create a New Course: Click the button to “Create a New Course” within the “Courses” section. This will initiate the process of building your course within GoModern.
  4. Import Content: Look for an “Import Content” option within the new course creation interface. This option might be presented as a button or a menu selection.
  5. Select Import File: Navigate to the downloaded Kajabi course content folder on your computer and select the appropriate export file (usually a .ZIP file) for upload.
  6. Content Mapping (Optional): Depending on GoModern’s import functionality, you might be presented with a content mapping option. This allows you to specify how different types of Kajabi content (e.g., text, videos) should be categorized within GoModern (e.g., lectures, assignments).
  7. Initiate Import: Once everything is selected, initiate the import process. GoModern might display a progress bar or notification to track the import completion.

Pro Tip: The import process might take some time depending on the size and complexity of your Kajabi course content. Be patient and allow GoModern to complete the import

Post-Import: Reviewing and Organizing Your Imported Content

Once the import is complete, GoModern will likely notify you and allow you to review the imported content. Here’s what to expect:

  • Content Placement: GoModern might place the imported content into individual lessons within your newly created course. Review each lesson to ensure the content appears as intended.
  • Formatting Adjustments: While GoModern strives to maintain formatting during import, some adjustments might be necessary. Review text formatting, image placement, and video functionality to ensure everything displays correctly within your GoModern course.
  • Quizzes (Optional): If you opted to import Kajabi quiz questions, you’ll likely find them listed within the GoModern course creation interface. However, the question format might require adjustments to fit GoModern’s quizzing functionality. Review each question and adapt it as needed for your GoModern quiz.

Remember: Importing your content is just the first step. You’ll need to rebuild your course structure within GoModern, including:

  • Organizing Lessons: Arrange the imported content into a logical sequence that reflects your course curriculum.
  • Adding Additional Content: GoModern offers various content creation tools. Consider incorporating interactive elements like assignments, discussions, or downloadable resources to enhance your course.
  • Setting Up Delivery Schedule (Optional): If your Kajabi course offered a drip content delivery schedule, you can replicate this functionality within GoModern’s course settings. This allows you to control when specific lessons or content become available to your students.

By carefully reviewing, organizing, and potentially adding to your imported content, you can create a well-structured and engaging course within GoModern.

Enrolling Your Students (Optional):

As mentioned earlier, student enrollment data doesn’t transfer during the import process. Here are some options for re-enrolling your students:

  • Manual Enrollment: If you have a manageable number of students, you can manually enroll them within GoModern’s course management system.
  • CSV Import (if available): Some GoModern plans might offer a CSV import option for student enrollment data. Explore this option if your Kajabi platform allows exporting student information in a CSV format.
  • Communication with Students: Contact your students directly via email or announcements on your blog to inform them about the course migration to GoModern and provide instructions for re-enrollment.

By implementing these solutions, you can ensure your existing students have access to your course within the new platform.

Importing your Kajabi course content to GoModern streamlines the process of migrating your online course offerings. By following these steps and investing time in organizing and potentially adding to your imported content, you can create a compelling and well-structured course within GoModern.