Increase Productivity & Getting Things Done - 3 Unbelievable Secrets

Increase Productivity & Getting Things Done – 3 Unbelievable Secrets

Productivity is the efficiency of the production of goods or services expressed by some measure. Most commonly productivity is defined as a ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs.

But I think Productivity means the result of our effort base on our ability. The word Productivity is used when we set any goal in real life. Do work for this goal and get the results base on the calculation of our ability and effort.

Most people think that they should have a lot of things on their task list to be more productive but multitasking is one of the factors leading to a low productivity

Some people try to increase productivity by creating a morning routine like meditation and exercise. Some people would even use apps to really get their day going as they live in the digital era. I don’t really agree with them all and I am also not disagreeing.

Because in my life, I noticed that implementing those only provided small improvements. It didn’t really give them the freedom and time leverage that I was expecting. Moreover, I had spent more time trying to be productive than to be actually productive

Here are my 3 secrets on how I became much more productive now.

1. Enjoy The Process

When I started a new project to make a passive income. First I set a goal and make a plan. I knew that this time I have to learn new skills to make this project successful but I noticed that I had spent a lot of time avoiding the work by watching a lot of videos and hiding in conference rooms.

For this, It’s become late to see the first income of this project but Eventually, when I found the work that I enjoyed and realize that I can make more money if I love my work and do this properly, I noticed that I became less tired and much more excited to go through the day and accomplish tasks. I was always excited to wake up and it became harder for me to stay away from the desk sometimes.

2. Give Yourself Time Constraints

Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my ax.
Most people would call it preparation but I call it procrastination.

Because for me, work expands with the time you give it.

If I give myself 3 hours to edit a product video, I will actually do 3 hours to edit a product video. If I give myself 45 minutes, I will and can do it in 45 mins. It’s funny how our minds work. I realized that most of the unnecessary burdens on yourself are actually self-made.

Abraham Lincoln

3. Batch Your Work

When you are trying to grow a new business or from physical to digital, it is actually impossible to grow it by doing everything yourself for the long run.

Instead, think of how you can premeditate it so you don’t have to do a lot of things all at once every day.

For me, I usually schedule my video for YouTube Channel and posts blog a week before and plan my week ahead. I use a CRM like Zoho CRM and a project management tool ( Asana ) to automatically syndicate content and populate data for me. I use the calendar so it automatically reminds me of my next activity and so I don’t get stuck in a task.
That’s it.
Hope you enjoyed this.
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