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How do I make $1,500 per month from home?

Make money from home and working as a freelancer is the most appealing dream for teenagers and it’s easy now than in 2012 because now the internet and electricity are fast and available. Also, huge resources are available in the mother language on Google and YouTube.

Today, I am going to share my real-life experience of how to make $1,500 a month from home? and I am doing this without selling any product and investing money.

So If you have searched on Google at any time with the following query:

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and wanted to know the real path to make money from internet living at your home without investing money then you can continue my article.

I am Foysal, a full-time individual freelancer. Working as an eCommerce Business Developer. My professional skill is WordPress, Shopify, and Digital Marketing.

In the begging I was a full freelance market depended like Upwork, Fiverr but day by day I realize that I should create a passive income. Then I started my plan to create passive income. First I create a YouTube channel where I started to share my skills and eCommerce business website-related tips and tricks and very soon I started getting a few clients on YouTube.

Then I start my website eCommerce Thesis from where I also started getting clients.

Here is the following service that I provide:

eCommerce Website Design / Development / Maintenance
WordPress SEO
Shopify SEO

I started my YouTube Channel in 2020 and at the end of the month, I got Google Adsense. At the same time, my website was also monetized.

Now I have multiple sources to get clients including the freelance marketplace, YouTube, Website, and Social Media like Linkedin.

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