How to reduce initial server response time of Shopify Store

How to reduce initial server response time of Shopify Store

Initial server response time is a very important factor for a website. Fast server response time is the key to a Better experience for your visitors. Lower bounce rate. Better SEO performance.

Server response time is the time that passes between a client requesting a page in a browser and a server responding to that request. It is measured by TTFB (Time to First Byte). TTFB is how many milliseconds it takes to receive the first byte of the page after sending an HTTP request.

In my deep knowledge I see, most of the website is fast and the initial server response time is enough fast but on mobile, it is so slow. Here is the reason to write this article for you as you are a Shopify user.

You know 79% of Shopify Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices? Yes, that is true and for that, I want to share effective tips and guidelines with you. It’s about How to reduce initial server response time?

Here are the 10 key reasons:

  1. Performance Analysis.
  2. Compressing Images.
  3. Make Your Page Lightning Fast with AMP.
  4. Use Fast and Responsive Theme for Your Shopify Store.
  5. Reduce the HTTP Requests.
  6. Reduce the Number of Apps Installed.
  7. Minimize Redirects and Broken Links.
  8. Don’t use the video slider on the home page
  9. Stop using GIF images
  10. Never use the extra-large image

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