Video Autoplay Start from Beginning with Sound When Click Unmute Button

Video Autoplay Start from Beginning with Sound When Click Unmute Button

Ever browse an online store and encounter a muted video that automatically starts playing? While this approach can grab attention, it might not be the most user-friendly experience. Wouldn’t it be better if the video started silently and only played with sound when the customer chooses to unmute it? With Shopify, you can achieve this functionality, allowing customers to control the audio experience while still showcasing your video content. This guide explores various methods to implement video autoplay start from the beginning with sound only activating upon clicking an “unmute” button in your Shopify store. We’ll cover user-friendly options and delve into code-based approaches, ensuring you find the method that best suits your technical expertise and desired control.

Understanding the Benefits of Video Autoplay Start with Unmute

There are several advantages to implementing video autoplay with unmute functionality in your Shopify store:

  • Improved User Experience: Customers have control over the audio, preventing unwanted noise and providing a more user-friendly browsing experience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The autoplay grabs attention, while the unmute button encourages interaction. This can lead to higher video watch rates and potentially increased product interest.
  • Highlight Product Features: Videos are a powerful tool for showcasing product details and functionalities. Autoplay allows you to present this information immediately, without requiring customers to click play.

Important Note: While autoplay with sound can be beneficial, it’s crucial to prioritize user experience. Ensure your videos are visually engaging and informative even without sound. Additionally, consider regulations and best practices regarding autoplay with sound on mobile devices, as some browsers might restrict such behavior.

Understanding Your Theme Structure

Before diving into specific methods, it’s helpful to understand your Shopify theme’s structure. Here’s a basic overview:

  • Themes: These are the templates that define the overall look and layout of your Shopify store.
  • Sections: Themes are built from sections, which are specific areas like product listings, product pages, etc.
  • Theme Code: The code behind your theme controls how these sections are displayed and function.

Once you grasp this structure, choosing a method for implementing video autoplay with unmute becomes much easier.

Enabling Autoplay with Unmute: User-Friendly Options

There are two main approaches for beginners to achieve video autoplay with unmute functionality without needing to touch any code:

  • Theme Options (if available): Many Shopify themes offer built-in theme options that allow you to customize your video settings. Explore your theme’s settings to see if you can find options for “autoplay” and “mute on load.”
  • Theme App Integrations: The Shopify App Store offers various apps specifically designed for managing video playback in your store. Some apps might offer functionalities to set autoplay with unmute options within their user-friendly interface.


  • Easy to implement, no coding knowledge required.
  • Many themes and apps offer user-friendly interfaces for customization.


  • Functionality might be limited depending on the chosen theme or app.
  • Might not offer the exact level of customization you desire.

Enabling Autoplay with Unmute: Code-Based Methods (For Users Comfortable with Code)

For those comfortable with a little coding, editing your theme code allows for more precise control over the video autoplay and unmute functionality. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Access Your Theme Code: From your Shopify admin panel, navigate to “Online Store” and then “Themes.” Select the theme you want to edit and click “Actions” followed by “Edit code.”
  2. Locate the Video Embed Code: Within the theme code, search for the section responsible for displaying your video. This code snippet might be located in the product.liquid file (for individual product pages) depending on your theme. Look for code containing terms like “video” or “iframe” (if using an embed code).
  3. Modify the Code Snippet: Most video embed codes allow for customization through additional parameters. Look for parameters like “autoplay” and “muted.” Set “autoplay=true” to enable autoplay and “muted=true” to mute the video on load. You can also add an “id” attribute to your video element for further customization.
  4. Create the Unmute Button: Using HTML and CSS code, create a visually appealing “unmute” button that overlays the video player. When clicked, this button will trigger JavaScript code to unmute the video.


  • Offers the highest level of customization for video autoplay and unmute functionality.
  • Allows for fine-tuning video player behavior and button design.


  • Requires some coding knowledge and familiarity with Shopify theme editing.
  • Mistakes in code editing can potentially break your storefront’s functionality.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting potential code errors can be time-consuming.

Important Note: Before making any code edits, it’s highly recommended to duplicate your theme and work on the duplicate to avoid accidentally affecting your live store. Additionally, consider seeking help from a Shopify developer if you’re unsure about code modifications.

Choosing the Right Method: It All Depends on Your Needs

The ideal method for implementing video autoplay with unmute functionality depends on your technical comfort level and the desired level of customization:

  • For beginners: Explore theme options or user-friendly apps for video autoplay with unmute settings.
  • For users comfortable with some code: Consider editing the theme code for more control over video playback and button design.

Remember to prioritize user experience – ensure your videos are visually appealing even without sound and provide a clear and easy-to-use unmute button.

Additional Tips for Optimizing Video Autoplay with Unmute

Here are some additional tips to enhance the user experience of video autoplay with unmute functionality in your Shopify store:

  • Video Length: Keep your videos concise and engaging. Autoplaying long videos with muted sound might lead to customer frustration.
  • Captions and Overlays: Consider adding captions or text overlays to your videos for key information, catering to viewers who might choose to keep the sound muted.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Double-check that your video playback and unmute button function correctly and display well on all devices, especially smartphones.
  • Test Your Implementation: Thoroughly test your video autoplay with unmute functionality on various devices and browsers to ensure smooth performance.

By following these tips and choosing the method that best suits your needs, you can effectively implement video autoplay with unmute functionality in your Shopify store, grabbing customer attention while maintaining a user-friendly browsing experience.