Why you need a website audit? How to get a free site audit

Why you need a website audit? How to get a free site audit

Website audits help to know the essential measure to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website.

When you know the current issues and performance of your website then you can easily take action to improve your website position in the search ranking.

A website audit is an essential part of success in an online business. Especially if you are started an eCommerce business then you must audit your website.

It directly helps you to know your and your competitor’s position in search engines like Google, Yahoo.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Website Audit

1: Rank on the search engine
2: Check Responsibility
3: Page Speed
4: SEO Performance
5: Increase Conversion rate
6: Know competitor position

How to get a free site audit

There are a lot of free tools to audit your website. You can easily audit your website and get a free report but the problem is that you are an entrepreneur, not an SEO expert or technical guy also that is not your job.

So, I am going to provide a full free manual site audit service for you.
So if you want to get higher Google rankings, you’ll love the actionable steps in this guide.

You are going to get the following information in the audit report file.

✅#1: Check To See If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly
✅#2: Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website
✅#3: Speed Up Your Site
✅ #4: Find and Delete “Zombie Pages”
✅ #5: Find and Fix Indexing Problems
✅#6: Check Your Organic Traffic
✅ #7: Improve Your On-Page SEO
✅#8: Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
✅ #9: Analyze Your Backlinks
✅#10: Fix Broken Links
✅ #11: Competitor Analysis
✅#12: Make Your Content 10x Better
✅ #13: Optimize For UX Signals
✅ #14: Flatten Your Website Architecture
✅ #15: Launch a Skyscraper Post

How to get a free website audit from eCommerce Thesis?

eCommerce Thesis help entrepreneurs by providing online business-related resource, tools, and services including free or paid. Get Free Manual Website Audit is my free service.

So to get started you just need to contact me on the contact page

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