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How to Add Running Text to any Websites without plugin or apps

Are you looking to spice up your website with dynamic, pleasing, jogging textual content but do not want to cope with the trouble of plugins or apps? You’re in success! In this user-friendly guide, we’re going to stroll you through the easy steps to add Running text to any website, especially those that specialize in WordPress websites. Say goodbye to complex installations and hello to seamless integration!

Understanding Running Text:

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s make it clear what going for walks text is. Also called scrolling textual content or marquee textual content, running textual content is a dynamic element generally used to display critical announcements, news updates, or promotional messages on websites. It scrolls horizontally or vertically across the display screen, grabbing site visitors’ attention and including a dynamic aptitude on your website.

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Running Text to Your WordPress Website

Step 1: Accessing Your WordPress Dashboard

Log in to your WordPress website’s admin dashboard using your username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the page or submit where you need to add the walking textual content.

Step 2: Entering Text in HTML Format

In the page or submit editor, transfer to the “Text” or “HTML” mode instead of the visual editor. This mode lets you  input HTML code at once. Type the following HTML code snippet to create the strolling textual content:


Copy code

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">Your running text goes here!</marquee>

Replace “Your running textual content is going here!” along with your favored message or declaration.

Step 3: Customizing the Running Text

You can personalize the appearance and conduct of the strolling textual content by tweaking the HTML attributes. Here are a few not-unusual attributes you could modify:

  • Behavior: Set the behavior of the going-for walks textual content (scroll, slide, exchange).
  • Direction: Specify the course of the scrolling text (left, right, up, and down).
  • Speed: Control the rate of the scrolling movement (slow, ordinary, or rapid).

Experiment with exceptional attributes until you achieve your preferred impact.

Step 4: Preview and Publish

After customizing the walking text to your liking, preview the page or submit it to see how it looks. If the whole lot seems desirable, click the “Publish” or “Update” button to make your adjustments stay on your WordPress internet site.

Advanced Customization:

If you feel adventurous and need to take your running text to the next level, there are extra customization options you could discover:

1. Styling with CSS: 

Enhance the arrival of your walking text by applying custom CSS styles. You can change the font, shade, size, and different visual elements to fit your website’s theme and branding.


Copy code

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left” style=”font-family: Arial; color: #ff0000; font-size: 16px;”>Your running text goes here!</marquee>

2. Adding Links: 

Turn your textual content into clickable links to direct visitors to specific pages or external websites. Simply wrap the text in the <a> tag and specify the URL in the “href” attribute.


Copy code

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left”><a href=””>Click here</a> to visit our website!</marquee>

3. Dynamic Content: 

Instead of static text, you can dynamically fetch content from your WordPress database or outside sources using PHP or JavaScript. This permits you to display real-time updates, information feeds, or social media posts as jogging textual content.


Copy code

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><?php echo get_the_title(); ?></marquee>

4. Combining Multiple Elements: 

Mix and fit exceptional HTML factors, together with pictures, buttons, or icons, together with your going-for-walk textual content, to create visually appealing and interactive presentations.


Copy code

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><img src="image.jpg" alt="Image"> Check out our latest products!</marquee>

Testing and Optimization

Once you’ve carried out your custom-designed running textual content, it’s vital to test it across numerous devices and screen sizes to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. Use your website’s developer tools or online trying-out gear to simulate extraordinary viewing situations and make vital changes.

Additionally, reveal the overall performance of your going-for-walks textual content through the years, taking note of elements like consumer engagement, click-on-via costs, and the typical impact on internet site visitors. Use these facts to first-rate-track your content and optimize your jogging text for optimum effectiveness.

Maintenance and updates

Once you’ve efficiently added going-for-walks textual content to your WordPress internet site, it is vital to stay on top of maintenance and updates to ensure top-of-the line performance. Here are some protection duties to keep in mind:

1. Regular Checks: 

Periodically assess your walking textual content to ensure it remains applicable and up-to-date. Update the content material as needed to reflect adjustments in promotions, bulletins, or different records.

2. Monitor Performance: 

Keep an eye fixed on the overall performance of your jogging text, together with how it impacts page load instances and user engagement. Use analytics equipment to tune metrics consisting of soar rate and time on the web page to gauge its effectiveness.

3. Cross-Browser Compatibility: 

Test your strolling textual content across different web browsers to ensure compatibility and consistency. What appears accurate in one browser may additionally seem otherwise in another, so it is essential to test for any display problems.

4. Responsive Design: 

Verify that your jogging text displays correctly on diverse devices, inclusive of computers, laptops, drugs, and smartphones. Ensure that it adjusts seamlessly to one-of-a-kind display screen sizes and orientations for a regular person to revel in.

5. Backup Your Website: 

Regularly backup your WordPress internet site to guard your content and configurations. In the event of any unforeseen issues or data loss, having a recent backup guarantees that you can quickly restore your website to its previous country.

6.Stay Updated: 

Keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date with the contemporary versions to take advantage of trojan horse fixes, safety patches, and new features. Outdated software can pose security dangers and cause compatibility issues along with your going for walks text.

Engage with Your Audience

Lastly, inspire interplay and engagement with your strolling text by soliciting feedback, encouraging shares, and supplying opportunities for traffic to do so. Include calls-to-action (CTAs) within your running text to prompt customers to explore in addition to or participate in promotions.

Gathering Feedback and Iterating

After enforcing textual content for your WordPress internet site, it’s essential to collect remarks from your target audience and iterate primarily based on their responses. Here’s how you could accumulate feedback and make upgrades:

1. User Surveys: 

Create surveys or polls to collect insights from your traffic, approximately their revel in with the going for walks text. Ask questions about readability, relevance, and standard satisfaction to perceive regions for development.

2. Website Analytics: 

Analyze website analytics statistics to track the performance of your running textual content. Look for patterns in personal behavior, such as click-through fees and time spent on pages with going for walks of text, to gauge its effectiveness.

3. A/B Testing: 

Conduct A/B tests to examine exceptional versions of your running text and determine which plays best. Experiment with exceptional messages, patterns, and placement to optimize engagement and conversion fees.

4. Iterative Improvements: 

Based on the feedback and facts amassed, make iterative upgrades to your going-for-walk textual content. Adjust the content material, design, or behavior as needed to better align with your target audience’s choices and targets.

Evolving with Your Website

As your internet site evolves and grows, so too does your textual content. Here are a few strategies for evolving your strolling text over the years:

1. Seasonal Updates: 

Update your walking textual content to reflect seasonal promotions, holidays, or occasions applicable in your target market. Tailor the messaging to align with the modern-day season or occasion to hold relevance and seize interest.

2. Promotional Campaigns: 

Use strolling text to sell unique offers, sales occasions, or limited-time deals for your internet site. Highlight key selling factors and incentivize site visitors to take action by clicking through to applicable pages or merchandise.

3. Dynamic Content Integration: 

Explore opportunities to combine dynamic content into your walking text, consisting of real-time updates, social media feeds, or person-generated content material. This adds freshness and authenticity to your website and keeps traffic engaged.

4. Feedback Incorporation: 

Continuously include remarks from your target audience into your walking text approach. Address commonplace worries, reply to pointers, and adapt to changing possibilities to ensure ongoing effectiveness and relevance.


Q1. How do I upload textual content for walks in WordPress?

A1: To upload walking textual content, additionally called scrolling or marquee textual content, in WordPress, you can use HTML or CSS code directly inside your posts or pages. Here’s a simple technique using HTML:

  • In the WordPress editor, transfer to the text or HTML mode.
  • Insert the following HTML code:
  • html
  • Copy code
  • <marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left”>Your running text goes here</marquee>
  • Replace “Your walking textual content goes here” with the text you need to show.
  • Switch again to the visual mode to see the running textual content effect.

Q2. How do I add text to WordPress?

A2: Adding text in WordPress is straightforward and may be accomplished using the default editor or a page builder like Gutenberg or Elementor.

  • In the WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Posts or Pages.
  • Click on Add New to create a new publish or web page, or edit an existing one.
  • In the editor, absolutely begin typing your text content. You can format the textual content using the formatting alternatives provided within the editor toolbar.
  • Once you’re done, click on the Publish or Update button to keep your modifications.

Q3. How do I add moving text in Elementor?

Elementor, a popular web page builder plugin for WordPress, does not have integrated functionality for adding moving text. However, you can obtain this effect using custom CSS or by integrating 0.33-celebration plugins or widgets that provide scrolling textual content features. Here’s a preferred technique:

  • Install and set off a 3rd-party plugin that provides scrolling textual content capability, which includes “Advanced Floating Content” or “AnyWhere Elementor Pro.”
  • Use the plugin’s widget or shortcut to add a scrolling textual content detail for your Elementor-designed page or publish.
  • Customize the settings and styling of the scrolling textual content as consistent with your options and the usage of the alternatives supplied by using the plugin.

Q4. What is the going-for-walks text plugin for WordPress?

There are numerous plugins to be had for adding running text or scrolling text results to WordPress websites. One famous option is the “WP Marquee” plugin, which lets you  without difficulty create and customize scrolling textual content through the use of short codes for widgets. Another option is the “Easy Marquee” plugin, which gives comparable capability with extra customization alternatives. These plugins typically offer settings to control the behavior, path, speed, and styling of the scrolling text, making it easier to add dynamic content material to your WordPress website online.