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CommentSold makes selling on social media easy.

CommentSold makes selling on social media easy. It allows you to schedule your posts for Facebook so your merchandise will post while you are busy doing something else. Schedule a post to tell your customers when you are going live. CommentSold also works with the messenger to send automated messages to update a customer on the status of their order.

It’s an easy-to-use inventory management system that tracks your inventory from the time you purchase it to the moment it arrives at your customer’s door. Also, allow you to bulk print shipping labels to simplify the process. It helps you repost unsold inventory to help sell faster and for those items which are out of stock, CommentSold has waitlist customers can sign up on to order when you get more in. We also give you fulfillment metrics so you know exactly what to order.

Then when it comes to invoicing, It makes that easy to. Customers will get a confirmation email the second they comment sold. They also provide coupon codes to aid in marketing. You can process refunds and returns without even leaving the CommentSold platform.  For you and your customer’s security, payments are easily processed through Stripe and PayPal for safe checkout.

Whether you are on the go with your smartphone, in the office on your desktop, or laying in bed on your tablet, CommentSold works on all devices seamlessly. We also allow you to add employees and delegate their access so you can get help from staff. Then when it is all said and done we provide you with access to run any reports needed. We allow you to add personal notes to customer accounts, find out which customers order the most of what items and track the total dollars spent and returned per customer.

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