How to Add FAQ On Shopify Store 

How to Add FAQ On Shopify Store 

What is FAQ?

The full form of FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions. It is a list of questions that are commonly and frequently asked by people pertaining to the company’s services, products and more. FAQs are listed questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context. These are commonly used where certain common questions tend to recur on email mailing lists and other online forums.

FAQ > Frequently Asked Questions.

This term is used when there are many users asking for the same thing. In real like suppose you have a shop and 15 out of 20 people are asking you the same question, it’s better if you place a board on your shop for that.

Similarly for a website if many people have same doubt, you should place that question and it’s answer of FAQ section.

For better Understand in Shopify eCommerce, I would recommend you to watch my tutorial for better understand.

How to Add FAQ Accordion Shopify store ✅ Easy & Fast

What are the best tools to create an online FAQ section?

One thing when choosing an FAQ tool for your website is to understand if the FAQ page you create is easily inferable, and if the design fits with the overall look of your page.

1. Collect the most common support questions

  • General questions: In this category, you can fit anything about your products, services, and brand.
  • Shipping: Provide details about shipping costs, tracking, delivery, etc.
  • Payments: Inform visitors about what to expect when going through a payment process.
  • Returns and refund: Include an in-depth and informative return policy.
  • Orders placement: Provide detailed instructions about the buying process in your store.

2. Write informative answers

Make sure your answers are clear, straightforward, and accurate. Don’t redirect users to other pages to retrieve information, try to keep everything that’s relevant on the same page.

Additionally, try to avoid using statements. Instead, try to use question words such as When, Where, How, Which, Why, Can I…, etc.

What’s a good HTML template for a FAQ page?

I have a very customizable template for you. that you can implement it in any design you want.

<h2>Your question</h2>

<div class=answer>Your Answer</div>

<h2>Your another Question</h2>

<div class=answer>Your answer</div>


h2 {}

.answer {} /*Style the answer as you wish*/


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