How to Become a Shopify Developer in 2023 - eCommerce Thesis

How to Become a Shopify Developer in 2023

How To Become a Shopify Developer (From Zero To Hero) is a highly searched term on Google and YouTube and also on Quora because Shopify skills are in super-hot demand and a very valuable skill set that could allow you to make over 6 figure income per month.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shopify started to grow so fast. People rapidly started to run businesses online and looking for the best eCommerce platforms.

As Shopify is highly fit for beginners to start an eCommerce business most businessmen started to use Shopify. As a result, it makes history.

“We made history in 2018: no other SaaS company has crossed the $1 billion-dollar revenue mark at a faster growth rate than Shopify has,”

Tobi Lütke

I’m a self-taught developer who worked as a freelancer and I learned Shopify theme development I want to share with you the resources that help me to become a Shopify developer.

I have a YouTube Channel where upload video tutorials about Shopify Theme Development and other eCommerce Business Development

In this article, I am going to share the ultimate guideline to be Shopify Developer. So let’s get started.

Prerequisite to learn Shopify Theme Development :

Shopify theme is like WordPress themes but Shopify use their markup language ( Liquid ) instead of PHP

You need to

  • have basic knowledge with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • have basic knowledge of jquery (Many Shopify libraries use jQuery ) — Optional
  • have basic knowledge of Command Line
  • Create a Shopify Partner account to upload and test your Shopify theme (Free with unlimited Shopify store for development)

Prerequisite to learn Shopify App Development :

Shopify app is a web app and you can use any programming language like Ruby, Python, PHP or Node JS to build one in this guide, I’ll focus on Node JS this guide

You need to :

  • have basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • a good understanding of JavaScript and React (Shopify Polaris is built With React but you can use any framework or just vanilla JS)
  • good understanding of how to build a full-stack web application (Authentication, consuming external API, Send Requests from the front end, and dealing with it in the back end )
  • have basic knowledge of GraphQL (Shopify API built with GraphQL)
  • Create a Shopify Partner account to create, test, and publish your Shopify app (Free)

Resources to learn Shopify Theme Development

Resources to learn Shopify App Development

  • Shopify Partner Blog: Articles and guides about design inspiration, Shopify development tips
  • Shopify Partner Academy: Free courses from the Shopify team to learn how to work with Shopify tools
  • Shopify React Node App: Tutorial by the Shopify team to create your first React and Node JS Shopify app using Polaris (Shopify React design system) and KOA Js to handle server-side rendering
  • Shopify App CLI: Create your Shopify app like (Create React App), serve your Shopify app in the Ngrok server (Free), and update your Ngrok server link automatically in your Shopify App dashboard
  • Shopify Dev YouTube Channel: Official Shopify YouTube channel for developers
  • Shopify Dev Twitch Channel: Official Shopify Twitch channel for developers


Thanks for reading, I wish you the best on your new journey.

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