How to hide prices unless customer is logged in Shopify

How to Hide Prices unless customer is logged in Shopify

What is Price Hiding?

Sometimes it is essential for a store owner to manage the product price display based on the customer groups to encourage the customers to upgrade their customer group. Hide Price for Shopify user is useful to hide prices based on the customer groups and categories.

How Does The Extension Work?

The admin has to enable the extension from the backend. Select the scope to enable ‘hide prices’. In the case of category-specific scope, select the categories on which you want to enable the hidden price. In the case of product-specific scope, navigate to Catalog > Products > Product Edit > Hide Price tab and enable the hidden price for that product. 

Should You Hide Price In Shopify ECommerce?

Hide price isn’t just important but also good for online marketplaces. Yet, it’s also debatable whether an online store should conduct a strategy or not.

To understand its importance in eCommerce, I would recommend you to watch my tutorial for better understand.

How to hide price list in your shopify website

The Benefits Of Hide Price

Limit Pricing Discrepancy

There would be a time when the price increases then decrease, not to mention other influencing factors such as taxes or inflation.

there will always be associated costs that cause the distributor to adjust the selling price accordingly.

Building Customer Relationship

By hiding prices, customers are encouraged to contact you directly via phone, text message or quotation. Your sellers will have more opportunities to advise customers about products, therefore increase the purchasing from potential customers.

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