How to Remove Grey Overlay from Images in shopify Store

How to Remove Grey Overlay from Images On Collection List Page in Shopify

What is Grey Overlay

Grey Overlay are an image that is added as an additional layer, to your photograph using an editing program. Basically to add information, data, ideas, etc. to existing information such as a transparent layer or image that can be put over something else.

How do photo overlays work

Image Overlay is a computer display technique which superimposes computer images over the viewer’s direct view of the real world. The positions of the viewer’s head, objects in the environment, and components of the display system are all tracked in space.

Check Video for easy understanding!!

for details

Removing Grey Overly is helpful?

Basically, grey overlay appears on your image when you adjust the section height. You can certainly make these changes through the theme editor without having to edit any code, which is great!

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I make this tutorial video based on my previous experience. As you can see through my experiment on grey overly in detail. We did an honest blog on the grey overly for Shopify, Hope you like our blog.

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