How to Update Shopify Theme in 2024 ✅ Without Losing Anything

How to Update Shopify Theme in 2024 ✅ Without Losing Anything

📝 Video Description: 🌐 Ready to give your Shopify store a fresh look for 2024? In this comprehensive tutorial, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of updating your Shopify theme without losing any valuable data or customization. Whether you’re keeping up with the latest design trends or enhancing functionality, this guide ensures a smooth transition to the updated theme. Let’s dive into the world of Shopify theme updates and elevate your online store with confidence!

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🌟 Why Watch?

Discover the best practices for updating your Shopify theme without the fear of losing crucial data. This tutorial caters to Shopify store owners and managers, ensuring a seamless transition to the latest theme version.

🚀 Who’s It For?

Shopify Store Owners and Managers
E-commerce Enthusiasts Navigating Theme Updates
Individuals Seeking a Hassle-Free Update Process

Step 1: Backup your Shopify theme
Backing up your theme is the first thing that needs to be done.

Navigate to your Shopify Admin tab.
Go to your online store and access the Themes tab.
Click on Actions, followed by Duplicate.
Download the theme to have it as a backup.
Step 2: Update your Shopify theme
Start your update process by going to the Shopify Theme Store.
Use the search box to search for your theme.
Click on the button that says “Add latest theme version”.
The updated theme is added to your theme library.
Step 3: Customize your upgraded theme
The updated theme has no customizations and will not resemble your shop. So, you need to either customize it from scratch or copy the theme’s settings code from your current theme and add it to the new version.

We will be discussing how to copy your old theme’s settings as it is the easier method to use.

Go to your Shopify Theme Settings.
Select Action, followed by Edit Code.
Scroll down to where it says Config.
Select Settings_data.json.
Copy the entire code (it is quite long).
Paste the code under Settings_data.json on the latest version of your theme.
Step 4: Test that your newly updated Shopify theme works
The next step is to thoroughly test the latest version of the theme and make sure everything is functioning correctly.

Test the theme and go through everything to make sure that it works.
Publish your theme and enjoy the update.

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